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Thank you for your interest in La Leche League. Volunteering to provide information and support to breastfeeding mothers can be a rewarding way to give back in your local community.

Thinking About LLL Leadership?

Please take a look at our Thinking About LLL Leadership? Web pages, which contains a page of frequently asked questions (FAQs), to see if La Leche League Leadership is something you might be interested in.

For a more concise version, Thinking About LLL Leadership? (TaLLL) (compact pdf version) is just four pages and can be printed out easily.

Other Local Volunteer Opportunities

Please also consider talking to your local La Leche League Group to see if there are local volunteer opportunities.

Information about La Leche League Leadership in other languages

Ask the Leader Accreditation Department (LAD):

Do you have a question about applying for LLL leadership? Send it to LeaderAccreditation@llli.org.

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