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Podcasts from La Leche League International

podcast in actionWe are pleased to bring you this growing collection of interviews and discussions on a variety of breastfeeding, parenting and La Leche League-related topics.  We are pleased to offer an RSS feed for all our podcasts. (More information)


Podcast Listings

Podcasting Basics

podcasting!Welcome!Welcome! (#1, June 2005)
A brief introduction from Elisabeth Lewin to the La Leche League Podcast, and an overview of who was interviewed at the LLLI Conference, summer 2005. The photo at left shows Elisabeth and Nancy Mohrbacher preparing to record a podcast. (2 min)
(url: http://lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_001-Welcome.mp3)

What Is a Podcast? (#2, June 2005)
Podcasting is all in the news these days. What exactly is a podcast, and how can I listen to the La Leche League Podcast? Elisabeth Lewin gives us a quick discussion of streaming, downloads, and subscribing to all the LLL podcasts via an RSS "feed." (6 min)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_002-What_is_a_podcast.mp3)

Breastfeeding Topics

Kathleen Kendall-Tacket and Nancy Mohrbacher - Breastfeeding Made Simple (July 22 2007)
Leaders Kathleen Kendall-Tacket and Nancy Mohrbacher speak with Cathy Theys about their book: Breastfeeding Made Simple and the empowering nature of breastfeeding. Related Links: Breastfeeding Made Simple (12 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_2007_LLLIConf/BreastfeedingMadeSimple.mp3)

Marian Tompson - What does La Leche League have to offer? The Power of Breastfeeding. (July 22 2007)
LLLI Founder Marian Tompson speaks pationately with Nikki Simmons, Diedre Knowles and Miriam Labbok. Marian expresses a concern that mothers maybe relying on their doctors having correct breastfeeding information, when their doctors don’t have the information the mothers need. Marian describes what LLL has to offer, beyond just information on breastmilk. Marian talks about how League changed her life. Marian brings up difficult topics in La Leche League and tells a story about Princess Grace of Monaco. Everyone brainstorms on applying conflict resolution to disagreements inside LLL. Related Links: Seven Voices, One Dream, Conference Session Recording: Opening Ceremonies: The Power of a Dream (24 min.)
(url: /mp3/LLL_podcast_2007_LLLIConf_Marian_Tompson_50th.mp3)

Lisa Serebrin - LatchOn.org (July 2007)
Lisa Serebrin talks with Deanna Jurkowski about the LatchOn.org website. Lisa explains how Lucy Shares help give people access to printed resources, and how to set up Lucy Shares at a local conference. Related Links: www.LatchOn.org (6 min.)
(url: /mp3/LLL_podcast_2007_LLLIConf_Lisa_Serebrin_LatchOn.mp3)

Lynn Carter - Birth Stories (July 2007)
Lynn Carter talks with Deanna Jurkowski about the publication Birth Stories. Deanna Jurkowski, a La Leche League Leader, is our roving reporter. She combs the halls of the LLLI 2007 Conference to capture the action. (4 min.)
(url: /mp3/LLL_Podcast_2007_LLLIConf_LynnCarter_BirthStories.mp3)

Jake Marcus - First experiences as a mom and Group librarian volunteer, Breastfeeding and the Law. (July 22 2007)
Jake Marcus is a mom, Leader and lawyer. Cathy Theys talks with Jake about Jake's first experiences as a mom with La Leche League, as a Group librarian volunteer, and as a Leader on the Book Evaluation Committee. Jake explains her start in breastfeeding law, her start in co-sleeping, and her start helping League with legal issues. Jake discusses current breastfeeding legal issues like breastfeeding in public spaces and the popular news stories about mothers getting asked to stop breastfeeding in public including some situations in Texas and in the Ronald McDonald House. Jake shares what individuals can do. http://www.prolibraries.com/llli/?select=session&sessionID=121 (49 min.)
(url: /mp3/LLL_podcast_2007_LLLIConf_Jake_Marcus_Law.mp3)

Kay Hoover - Reflections of longtime Mother, Leader, IBCLC and book Breastfeeding Atlas co-author and discussions about the Anatomy of the Nipple and Its Effects on Breastfeeding. (July 21 2007)
In 2007, Kay Hoover has been a Leader for 36 years. Nikki Simmons joined by Cathy Theys talk with Kay about her mother's influence on her life, League close friendships, her first La Leche League meeting, and expectations of normal feeding frequency. Kay tells stories of starting various groups, her internal League volunteer positions as District Advisor, Area Conference Supervisor, EUS Conference Assistance, and their effect on her searching later for a paying job. Kay is the co-author of The Breastfeeding Atlas and discusses the process of creating it. Kay's conference session was Anatomy of the Nipple and Its Impact on Breastfeeding. Kay talks about how over half of women need a larger flange than comes with a breast pump in the beginning and 75% will need a larger size eventually. Kay talks the influence of breast damage and PCOS on a mother's ability to make milk. Future plans for Kay might include studying nipple sizes, obesity, and large breast concerns of mothers. Kay points out we learn from mothers. http://www.prolibraries.com/llli/?select=session&sessionID=117 (40 min.)
(url: /mp3/LLL_podcast_2007_LLLIConf_Kay_Hoover_Reflections_and_Anatomy.mp3)

Kittie Frantz - Your Baby Knows How to Breastfeed, Baby Led Breastfeeding, The Mother-Baby Dance (July 22 2007)
Kittie Frantz is interviewed by Kelly Wagner. Kittie talks of her early days in La Leche League and in the field of breastfeeding medicine/research, and of her and Chloe Fisher doing paper in Israel, become reprint #11. They discuss her new position at USC and helping educate the medical community, the new video "Getting To Know Your Baby", medical education videos about breastfeeding and baby Self-attachment. They mention Dr Paul Fleis, Christina Smilie, University of Southern California, Lennart Righard, and Nils Bergman. http://www.geddesproduction.com (25 min.)
(url: /mp3/LLL_podcast_2007_LLLIConf_Kittie_Frantz_Your_Baby_Knows.mp3)
The goal of La Leche League is to become obsolete?
Kittie and Kelly are joined by Cathy Theys and Kittie adds some thoughts about the 50th Anniversary. (3 min.)
(url: /mp3/LLL_podcast_2007_LLLIConf_Kittie_Frantz_Additional_Thoughts.mp3)

Dr. Brian Palmer - Impact of nursing from the breast on occlusion, malocclusion, sleep apnea, frenulum, frenum, and tongue tie. (July 23 2007)
Dr. Palmer been studying the importance of breastfeeding for 30 years and tells how he got started. He discusses with Nikki Simmons the impact of nursing from the breast on occlusion, malocclusion, sleep apnea, frenulum, frenum, and tongue tie. Stories of Dan Garliner, Betty Crase (CBI director), Peter Hartman. http://www.brianpalmerdds.com (40 min.)
(url: /mp3/LLL_podcast_2007_LLLIConf_Brian_Palmer_Feeding_At_Breast_Sleep_Apnea.mp3)

Sherry Briley and Linda Kane - No eating or drinking in the courtroom if eating or drinking via breastfeeding. (July 23 2007)
Sherry Briley and Linda Kane talk with Nikki Simmons about their experience in Missouri the early 1990s with nursing in public, in a court of law. They are joined by Deanna Jurkowski. [Note: There is some noise in the first few minutes, sorry it gets better later on in the recording. A judge's authority over conduct in his or her courtroom is likely to supersede state public breastfeeding law concerning behavior in public accommodations.] /Law/LawMain.html (19 min.)
(url: /mp3/LLL_podcast_2007_LLLIConf_Sheri_Briley_Linda_Kane_Kicked_out_of_Court.mp3)

Nancy Mohrbacher - New free content at Ameda.com geared toward mothers on self-latch and exclusive pumping. (July 23 2007)
Nancy Mohrbacher, author, talks with Cathy Theys about the new content at Ameda.com. Ameda's visual content http://www.ameda.com/community/videos.aspx for mothers focuses on latch (animation of latch and video of real life self-latch of 5 day old baby). Nancy also talks about Ameda's information on pumping (includes info sheets on exclusive pumping, transitioning to feeding at the breast, and picture of correct flange fit). (9 min.)
(url: /mp3/LLL_podcast_2007_LLLIConf_Nancy_Mohrbacher_Ameda_Video.mp3)

Dr. E. Stephen Buescher - The Anti-Inflammatory Characteristics of Human Milk, Part 1 (February 2006)
Dr. E. Stephen Buescher, MD, pediatrician and infectious disease specialist, addresses the biologic importance of inflammation, the human milk components that are anti-inflammatory, and more in this lecture from the July 2005 LLLI Physicians Seminar in Washington, DC. (43 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_Podcast_AntiInflammatoryCharacteristicsofHumanMilk.mp3)

Dr. E. Stephen Buescher - The Anti-Inflammatory Characteristics of Human Milk, Part 2 (February 2006)
Dr. E. Stephen Buescher, MD, pediatrician and infectious disease specialist, addresses the biologic importance of inflammation, the human milk components that are anti-inflammatory, and more in this lecture from the July 2005 LLLI Physicians Seminar in Washington, DC. (44 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_Podcast_AntiInflammatoryCharacteristicsofHumanMilkPt2.mp3)

Dr. E. Stephen Buescher - The Anti-Infective Characteristics of Human Milk, Part 1 (February 2006)
Dr. E. Stephen Buescher, pediatrician and infectious disease specialist, addresses the 2005 LLLI Physicians' Seminar about the anti-infective characteristics of human milk. (36 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_Podcast_AntiInfectiveCharacteristicsofHumanMilk.mp3)

Dr. E. Stephen Buescher - The Anti-Infective Characteristics of Human Milk, Part 2 (February 2006)
Conclusion of Dr. E. Stephen Buescher's address before the 2005 LLLI Physician's Seminar, regarding the anti-infective characteristics of human milk. Information on the upcoming 2006 Physicians Seminar in (July 24 - 26 in San Diego, California, USA). (34 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_Podcast_AntiInfectiveCharacteristicsofHumanMilkPt2.mp3)

catherine watson gennaCatherine Watson Genna - Tongue-tie and breastfeeding/Sensory Integration (Processing) Disorder (#28, July 2005)
Catherine Watson Genna, IBCLC, explains tongue-tie and the serious secondary problems it causes for infants and mothers. She also sheds light on sensory integration (or sensory processing) disorder, and how adults can help babies and children live with this condition. (20 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_028-TongueTie-SensInt.mp3)

Jennifer Hicks - Hirkani's Daughters (March 2006)
Elisabeth McLaury Lewin interviews Jennifer Hicks, who compiled and edited Hirkani's Daughters, a collection of stories about mothers who combine working and breastfeeding. We talk about the similarities and differences of working mothers around the world, whose stories are detailed in the book. Hirkani's Daughters also includes excellent resources: creating breastfeeding-friendly workplaces, advice on what working mothers need to know about working, pumping, and child care considerations; co sleeping with baby and more. (43 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_Podcast_HirkanisDaughters.mp3)

nancy mohrbacherNancy Mohrbacher - The "Natural Laws" of Breastfeeding (#19, July 2005)
Nancy Mohrbacher, co-author of the Breastfeeding Answer Book, describes the seven "natural laws" of breastfeeding, which are featured in her new book, Breastfeeding Made Simple (co authored with Kathleen Kendall-Tackett. (30 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_019-BFMadeSimple.mp3)

jack newmanDr. Jack Newman (#9, July 2005)
Dr. Jack Newman, breastfeeding authority and pediatrician, talks about toddler nursing, new research in kangaroo care for premature babies, and about how he came to be an expert in human lactation. His recent DVD is Dr. Jack Newman's Visual Guide to Breastfeeding. (27 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_009-DrJackNewman.mp3)

Karen SmithKaren Smith - Oversupply of Breastmilk (November 2005)
LLL Leader Karen Smith talks with Elisabeth Lewin about identifying and overcoming the challenges of an oversupply of breastmilk, and/or of a forceful milk letdown (aka overactive milk ejection reflex). (29 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_OversupplyForcefulLetdown.mp3)

linda smithLinda J. Smith - Impact of Birthing Practices on Breastfeeding (October 2005)
Elisabeth McLaury Lewin talks with lactation researcher and birth educator Linda J. Smith about the impact of birthing practices on breastfeeding and parenting in the postpartum period. Topics include Caesarean births, inductions, vacuum or forceps delivery, and epidurals. (13 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_Podcast_ImpactOfBirthingPracticesOnBreastfeeding.mp3 )

diane wiessingerDiane Wiessinger - What other mammals can tell us about nursing (#26, July 2005)
Lactation Consultant and breastfeeding author/researcher Diane Wiessinger examines mammalian behavior and explains what that tells us about breastfeeding and bonding between mothers and babies. Learn what "positional stability" means! (23 min.)
(url: http://lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_026-DWiessinger-Mammals.mp3)

diana westDiana West - Milk Supply Issues (#14, July 2005)
Diana West, LLL Leader, lactation consultant and author, explains issues and concerns surrounding low milk supply. Diana is author of the forthcoming book, Making More Milk: A Nursing Mother's Guide to Milk Supply, and the book Defining Our Own Success. (17 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_014-MilkSupply.mp3)


Parenting Topics

Bill Sears - Impact of LLL on the world and himself. (July 22 2007)
Dr. Bill Sears, author and pediatrician talks with Dierdre Knowles about what he observed in the League children that he has seen in his pediatric practice, and how doctors can learn from attachment parenting parents in their practice. (10 min.)
(url: /mp3/LLL_podcast_2007_LLLIConf_Bill_Sears_Impact_of_LLL.mp3)

barbara colorosoBarbara Coloroso - Just Because It's Not Wrong Doesn't Make it Right (#11, July 2005)
Barbara Coloroso, author and parent educator, on fostering moral and ethical responsibility in our children, and talks about her address to the LLLI Conference (and upcoming book), Just Because It's Not Wrong Doesn't Make it Right. (24 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_011-BColoroso-ethics.mp3)

Jane Crouse - Your 10 - 14 Year Old (November 2005)
A discussion of the behaviors and emotional development of children in the pre-adolescent through early teen years. Elisabeth Lewin talks with Jane Crouse, La Leche League Leader. (21 min).
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_Your10-14YearOld.mp3)

hilary flowerHilary Flower - Adventures in Gentle Discipline (#12, July 2005)
Hilary Flower discusses her new book, Adventures in Gentle Discipline, which was published in July 2005. Hilary is also the author of the popular book, Adventures in Tandem Nursing. (11 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_012-GentleDiscipline.mp3)

lu hanessianLu Hanessian - Let The Baby Drive (#24, July 2005)
Lu Hanessian, tv personality, musician, and author of Let The Baby Drive: Navigating the Road of New Motherhood, talks about finding your mothering intuition, and finding yourself in the bargain. (29 min.) Lu's Web site is www.LetTheBabyDrive.com
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_024-LetTheBabyDrive.mp3)

Margaret Kenda - Nourishing our Families (#18, July 2005)
Margaret Kenda, author of Whole Foods For Babies and Toddlers, talks about nurturing and nourishing our families from infancy to adulthood. She also talks about her project-based "Wizardry" series of books (Science Wizardry For Kids, etc.). (20 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_018-ToddlerNutrition.mp3)

mary sheedy kurcinkaMary Sheedy Kurcinka - Sleepless in America (November 2005)
Author Mary Sheedy Kurcinka tells Elisabeth Lewin about her new book, Sleepless in America. The negative effects for children of missing sleep include stormy emotions, (physical) body problems, focus/ attention challenges, and difficult social relationships. Discussion includes ideas and suggestions for family routines that encourage adequate rest. (22 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_MarySheedyKurcinka_Sleep.mp3)

My Child Won't Eat and La Leche League resource translations (#32, October 2005)
Nancy Jo Bykowski, Subsidiary Rights Manager for LLLI Publications, discusses Dr. Carlos Gonzales' newly translated book, My Child Won't Eat (Mi Niño No Me Come), the dining habits of toddlers, and the process of translating La Leche League materials into other languages. (22 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_032-MyChildWontEat.mp3)

gordon neufeldGordon Neufeld - Attachment in Childhood and Adolescence (#27, July 2005)
Psychologist, author and dad, Gordon Neufeld, PhD, expounds on the importance of attachment with and structure for our children as they grow into adolesence and young adulthood. Dr. Neufeld's books include Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Matter. Dr. Neufeld's website is http://www.gordonneufeld.com/(29 min.)
url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_027-GordonNeufeld.mp3

elizabeth pantleyElizabeth Pantley - The No-Cry Sleep Solution (#15, July 2005)
Elizabeth Pantley explains the No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers. Pantley is the author of six books, including Gentle Baby Care, and Perfect Parenting: the Dictionary of 1000 Tips. (23 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_015-NoCrySleepSolution.mp3)

Susan Tracy - Creating a Connected Family Life (#16, July 2005)
Montessori educator and author Susan Tracy explains her ideas for Creating a Connected Family Life: fostering strong relationships, encouraging home learning experiences, and setting limits on use of TV and computers. (26 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_016-ConnectedFamilyLife.mp3 )


Women's Issues

jeanne watson driscollJeanne Watson Driscoll - Women's Moods (#22, July 2005)
Jeanne Watson Driscoll, PhD, talks about hormones, the brain, and women's mental health. (24 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_022-WomensMoods.mp3)

trisha noackTrisha Noack - Professional Development and Volunteer Work (November 2005)
How your volunteer work as a La Leche League Leader can set the stage for your career later on. Elisabeth Lewin talks with Trisha Noack, long-time LLL Leader and former Director of Public Relations at La Leche League International. (9:02)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_LLLLeadershipAndProfessionalDevelopment.mp3 )

ana tampannaAna Tampanna - Humor, Healing and Friendship in Women's Lives (#17, July 2005)
Ana Tampanna, author, speaker and humorist, tells about the importance of humor, healing, and friendship in women's lives. (23 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_017-AlligatorWrestling.mp3)

kristi tamseviciusKristi Tamsevicius - Working From Home (#29, July 2005)
Author and work-at-home expert Kristi Tamsevicius shares her secrets about how to create a life you love through entrepreneurship, as described in her book, I Love My Life. (14 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_029-ILoveMyLife.mp3)


About La Leche League and Its Programs and Services
(these podcasts are alphabetized by subject)

stephanie weishaarStephanie Weishaar - 50th Anniversary House Parties (#6, July 2005)
Stephanie Weishaar, LLLI Director of Funding Development, talks about the 50th Anniversary House Party fundraising initiative. More information on hosting your own House Party is available at http://www.partyhostcenter.com/lalecheleague
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_006-House_Party.mp3) (13 min.)

cindy harmon jonesCindy Harmon-Jones - Breastfeeding Abstracts, LLLI's Research-based Journal (#7, July 2005)
Cindy Harmon-Jones, a Leader from Texas, USA, talks about her work as Editor of Breastfeeding Abstracts, about her 2005 LLLI Conference expectations and experiences, and about encouraging others to share their talents in LLL work.
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_007-BreastfeedingAbstracts.mp3)

barb barrettBarb Barrett - International Mastery Symposium (IMS) and Open Space (#5, July 2005)
Barb Barrett, Area Communications Coordinator for Minnesota and the Dakotas (USA), recounts her experiences at the IMS, talking about the Open Space session she hosted. Her session on new ideas for online reporting was very interesting!
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_005-IMSandOpenSpace.mp3)

sherryl dombeckSherryl Dombeck - Leader Accreditation Department Update (November 2005)
This podcast covers: prerequisites to applying for La Leche League leadership and the requirements of the accreditation process and new ways of working in the LAD, including self-organizing Leader Applicant workshops and new approaches to completing the Applicant's personal history. Elisabeth Lewin talks with Sherryl Dombeck, Division Administrator of Leader Accreditation. (25:46)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_LeaderAccreditationLADWhatsNew.mp3)

nancy franklinNancy Franklin - LLL Alumnae Association (#13, July 2005)
Nancy Franklin, of the La Leche League Alumnae Association, explains what the group does, and what it can offer to LLL members and Leaders in their "post-breastfeeding" years. (10 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_013-LLLAlumnae.mp3 )

Teresa Pitman - LLL Canada Executive Director (#10, July 2005)
Teresa Pitman, Executive Director of LLL Canada, talks about current LLL Canada events, about writing about parenting and breastfeeding for books and magazines, and about working from home with children. (25 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_010-LLLCanada.mp3)

allison battistaAllison Battista - La Leche League of Great Britain (#25, July 2005)
Chair of LLL Great Britain, Allison Battista, tells about her conference experience, and talks about La Leche League in England, Scotland, and Wales (and in her own London-area Group). (10 min.) LLL Great Britain can be found online at http://www.laleche.org.uk/. (11 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_025-LLLGB.mp3)

Randy Zoller - LLLI Licensing of intimate apparel and baby layettes (July 23, 2007)
Randy Zoller, La Leche League International's Licensing Agent, talks with Trish Noack, La Leche League International's Public Relations Director, about the new line of intimate apparel (nursing bras) and baby layettes. They also discuss his story as a Dad, the WHO Code, and the results of the user satisfaction survey. More information and places to leave feedback about the products: http://www.llliclothes.com, http://www.qtbras.com, /contact/contact_us, and http://www.llliclothes.com/contact_us.php.
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_2007_LLLIConf_Randy_Zoller_LLLI_Licensing.mp3) (17 min.)

Jolie Black BearJolie Black Bear - Mother-to-Mother Support Forums: A New Bulletin Board System for LLLI (February 2006)
The Bulletin Board co-administrator for LLLI, Jolie Black Bear, tells Elisabeth Lewin about the newly updated BBS, a web site where parents can share their insights and ask questions about breastfeeding and parenting topics. Visit the bulletin boards at: http://lalecheleague.org/vbulletin. (30 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_Podcast_BulletinBoard_Jolie.mp3)

norma ritterNorma Ritter - Online La Leche League Chat Meetings (#8, July 2005)
Norma Ritter, a La Leche League Leader from New York-W (USA), was an early facilitator of LLL online chats, and still leads many chat meetings. She talks about who attends chats, and how others can participate, too. (17 min.) More information on LLL chats can be found at www.laLecheLeague.org/chat/chat.html
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_008-OnlineChats.mp3)

Kathy Baker - Peer Counseling Program (#33, October 2005)
Kathy Baker, Director of the La Leche League International Peer Counselor Program, talking about the programs three main projects: the breastfeeding course, the Peer Counselor training program, and the Peer Counselor Administrator/Trainer program. (37 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_033-PeerCounseling.mp3)

sue ann kendallSue Ann Kendall - LLLI Technology Update (November 2005)
Sue Ann Kendall, La Leche League International Director of Internet Services, gives an update on LLLI's technology projects, including the Community Network (CN), a new comprehensive information system at LLLI, and projects that promote, protect and support breastfeeding. (15 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_LLLITechnologyProjects.mp3)


2007 LLLI Conference Podcasts (July 2007)

Deanna Jurkowski and Nikki Simmons - Sharing the Excitement: Road Trip to Conference Part 1 (July 2007)
Deanna Jurkowski and Nikki Simmons share the excitement of traveling to a La Leche League conference. They talk about funny Illinois road signs, blogging, no sleep at the conference, and local area conferences. (5 min.)
(url: /mp3/LLL_podcast_2007_LLLIConf_RoadTrip1.mp3)

Deanna Jurkowski and Nikki Simmons - Sharing the Excitement: Road Trip to Conference Part 2 (July 2007)
Deanna Jurkowski and Nikki Simmons share the excitement of traveling to a La Leche League conference. They talk about driving in Chicago, IL, American Girl, and Mudding. (5 min.)
(url: /mp3/LLL_podcast_2007_LLLIConf_RoadTrip2.mp3)

Brendon - LLL Dad from Ireland, Brendon, in the toddler room (July 2007)
Brendon, a dad from Ireland, talks with Deanna Jurkowski about coming to the International Conference and the toddler room. (3 min.)
(url: /mp3/LLL_podcast_2007_LLLIConf_BehindScenes_ToddlerDad.mp3)

2005 LLLI Conference Podcasts (July 2005)

erin adamErin Adam - Activities of a Conference Scholarship Recipient (#23, July 2005)
Canadian LLLLeader Erin Adam was one of 33 scholarship recipients, enabling her to attend this year's LLLI Conference. She is also a Conference Blogger, organizer of the quilt square exchange, and is involved in discussion lists on the Community Network. (10 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_023-BloggerErin.mp3)

patricia dubrayPatricia Dubray - The Pizzazz Team (#21, July 2005)
La Leche League Leader Patricia Dubray reflects on her involvement in the Pizzazz team, which provides entertainment and assistance with the International Conference. (9 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_021-ConfPlanning.mp3)

kynan murtaghKynan Murtagh - Teen Helpers in the Technology Room (#4, July 2005)
Fourteen-year-old Technology Room helper Kynan Kendall Murtagh tells us about helping set up the Tech Room at the International Conference. (3 min.)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_004-TechRoomTeenHelper.mp3)

singers, recording their podcastMusicFun 1: Breastfeeding Chant (#30, July 2005)
Kathy Grossman, Sue Scott, Allison Parkes, Nancy Jo Bykowski, and Zoe Mulford, "The Conference Pickup Singers," perform a song composed at the La Leche League International Conference in Washington, D.C., July 2005. The photo at right shows this recording as it happened. That's Elisabeth at lower right, recording the podcast. (1:23)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_030-BreastfeedingChant.mp3)

MusicFun 2: Turn Me Around (#31, July 2005)
Kathy Grossman, Sue Scott, Allison Parkes, Nancy Jo Bykowski, and Zoe Mulford, "The Conference Pickup Singers," singing together at the LLLI Conference in Washington, D.C., July 2005. (1:57)
(url: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL_podcast_031-TurnMeAround-breastfeeding.mp3)


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